Department of Economics
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167
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Oberlin College - B.A., June 1965, cum laude with Honors in Economics
Vanderbilt University (no degree), 1965-66
University of Wisconsin - Ph.D., 1969


International Economics, Micro Theory and Applications, Economic History, and Economic Development.


International Trade and Finance (graduate), Trade and Finance (undergraduate), Micro Theory (undergraduate) and American Economic History (undergraduate).





The Relative Inefficiency of Quotas, MIT Press, 1988.


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  2. "Measuring Trade Restrictiveness" with Peter Neary (Book project under contract with MIT Press).

  3. "Trade and Security, II: Organization" and empirical/historical work on this theme


Referee for IER, JPE, EJ, JPubE, JDE, REStat, Economics and Politics, various other journals; NSF.

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Indicators of Openness, OECD, 1996
Agricultural Price Changes and Welfare in Distorted Eonomies, World Bank, 1995-6.
Applications of the Trade Restrictiveness Index, with Peter Neary, World Bank, 1991-4.