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Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan, 1984
M.A., Economics, University of Michigan, 1982
M.B.A., Babson College, 1978
B.S., Boston College, 1975






Degree Programs

Managerial Economics (Intermediate Microeconomics): Fuqua School of Business MBA, WEMBA, EMBA, and GEMBA programs, various years, U. of Michigan Business School, 1981-84, U. of Michigan Economics, 1982; Economic Environment of the Firm (Intermediate Macroeconomics): Fuqua MBA, WEMBA, EMBA programs, various years, INSEAD MBA program, 1996, U. of Michigan Business School, 1981-84; Applied Econometrics: Fuqua PhD, MBA programs, various years; Health Policy, Fuqua WEMBA program, 1996; Industrial Relations, Fuqua MBA program, 1990; Regulation, Fuqua MBA, EMBA, various years; Investment Analysis, Duke Undergraduate Program, 1985-86;

Executive Education

Program for Manger Development, Russia and Newly Independent States; Eli Lilly Global Management Program; Strategic Human Resources Program; Advanced Management Program.



Compensation Mechanisms for Job Risks: Wages, Workers' Compensation, and Product Liability, with W. Kip Viscusi, (Princeton University Press, 1990). Awarded Kulp-Wright Prize for Outstanding Book in Risk and Insurance, 1990.


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