Date of Birth



U.S.; Israel









Ph.D., Economics, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York


B.A., Political Science, Queens College, CUNY

Professional Background


John R. Mannix Blue Cross & Blue Shield Associate Professor of Health Care Economics, Department of Economics, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University


Associate Director, Health Systems Management Center, Case Western Reserve University


Senior Fellow, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research


Research Associate, Health Policy Center, The Urban Institute


Economic Analyst: Population, Welfare and Human Resources Research Department, The World Bank


Adjunct Lecturer, Lehman College and Baruch College, The City University of New York


Military Service

Secondary Appointments\Honors


Visiting Faculty Public Policy Program, Hebrew University and Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School (intermittent months).

1999 (effective)

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research


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Publications Pending Review

  1. Dor, Avi "Voluntary Health Organizations: Public Policy Issues (forthcoming book chapter, commissioned by the National Health Council).

  2. Dor, Avi and John Rizzo, "The Welfare Effects of Mergers in a Regulated Service Industry" (submitted to Journal of Business and Economics).

  3. Dor, Avi and Harry Watson "The Hospital-Physician Interaction as a Non-Cooperative Game: Is Free Riding All That Bad? (submitted to Journal of Economic Management and Strategy).

Papers and Projects in Progress

  1. "Costs and Outsourcing of Coronary Bypass Surgery" (with G. Rosenthal, MD)

  2. "Towards an Economic Theory of Health Maintenance Organizations" (with H. Watson)

  3. "An Empirical Investigation of Hospital Mergers and Financial Performances" (with B. Friedman).

Disseminated Reports and Working Papers

  1. "Medicare Assignment Rates in the Post-Participation Era: A Reduced Form Model," Urban Institute Discussion Paper No. 3839-02-03, 1989.

  2. "Medicare Physician Expenditures: Sorting Out the Reasons for Growth," with J. Holahan and S. Zuckerman, Urban Institute Working Paper No. 3650-06, 1989.

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Microeconomics, BA; Health Economics, MBA, BA; Health Insurance, MBA.


Undergraduate courses in introductory economics, intermediate microeconomics, and public finance, City University of New York.

Executive Training


Executive trainer, AHCPR 12-state meeting of the Hospital Utilization and Costs Project, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Executive trainer, Health Care Financing and AIDS Workshop, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dominican Republic.


Executive trainer, Health Care Finance Workshop, U.S. Agency of International Development, Yamassoukro, Côte d’Ivoire.

Professional Service\Membership in Scientific Committees

1995 - present

Scientific Advisory Committee, United States Renal Dialysis System (National Institutes of Health).

1997 - present

Advisory Committee, International Commission for the Coordination of Dementia Guidelines

Current Grant Support:

  1. Co-investigator (10% effort 1998 – 1999):
    "Impact of Outsourcing VA Cardiac Surgery on the Cost and Quality of VA Care", Department of Veteran’s Affairs, ACC97004, $413,300 (10/1/97 - 3/31/2000)

  2. Co-Investigator (10% effort, 1998):
    "Biosynthetic Surfactants: A Novel Biominetic Surface To Reduce Intra
    Coronary Stent Complication". Whitaker Foundation, $662,837 (10/1/97 - 10/1/2000).

Conferences/Presentations (selected)


Presented "Policy Issues Facing Voluntary Health Organizations", National Health Council, Annual Conference.


Presented "The Hospital-Insurer Interaction as a Bargaining Game". University of Michigan, School of Public Health; Tel Aviv University, Applied Microeconomics Workshop.


Discussant, Bi-Annual Conference on Health Economics and Industrial Organization Boston University, Boston.


Presented "The Hospital-Physician Interaction in U.S. Hospitals: Background and Theoretical Insights" European Economic Association meetings, Netherlands


Discussant, Annual Health Economics Workshop, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


Chaired session "Regulation and Pricing in Health Care Markets." Presented "Rate Setting and Rationing of Medical Care in the Non-Profit Hospital". Southern Economic Association, New Orleans, LA.


Discussant (measures of hospital efficiency), American Economic Association Meetings, Anaheim, CA.


Chaired session "Hospital Markets in Transition." Presented "Contract Management, Administrative Costs, and Expense Preference Behavior in U.S. Hospitals". Southern Economic Association, Washington D.C.


Presented "Cost, Quality and Payment Source in Hospital Care: Inferences from a Multiproduct Cost Function," National Bureau of Economic Research, Summer Institute, Cambridge, MA.


Discussant (use of panel data in the estimation of hospital costs), Annual Health Economics Workshop, Johns Hopkins University.


Presented "Mergers and Acquisitions of Not-for-Profit Hospitals in the 1980’s" American Public Health Association Meetings, Atlanta, GA.


Presented "An Application of Nested Logit Models to Health Care Demand," Latin American Meetings of the Econometric Society, Argentina.

Journal Referee

Health Affairs; Inquiry; Journal of the American Medical Association; Journal of Health Economics; Journal of Human Resources; Journal of Rural Health Medical Care; Public Health Reports; Review of Industrial Organization; Review of Economics and Statistics; Social Science and Medicine.

Membership in Professional Organization


International Health Economics Association


American Public Health Association


American Economic Association

International Health Consulting


Designed workshop on cost-benefit analysis for European clinical use, International Commission for Alzheimer’s Guidelines.


Health Care Financing Module Proposal, USAID.


Review of health economics research in developing countries, Abt Associates.


Cost projections of child immunization projects in developing countries, John Snow, Inc. and USAID.


Cost-Benefit analysis of AIDS prevention, Jamaica, Ministry of Public Health and USAID.


Cost-Benefit analysis of a child health and nutrition program, Peru, Ministry of Health and USAID.


English, Hebrew, Spanish (conversational), Courses in Arabic and French



Technical Support to health care reform staff at Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Council of Economic Advisors, etc.


Coordinator, AHCPR Intramural Research Seminar Series.


Management of financial data bases of hospitals.


Member, various grant review panels, Prospective Payment Commission, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services