Department of Economics
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208-2600
(847) 491-3491

Birthdate: January 25, 1955
Canadian citizen; Permanent Resident


UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO, London, Canada, Departments of Mathematics and Economics, 1972-76, Honours B.A. May 1976.

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Princeton, New Jersey, Department of Economics, 1976-80, Ph.D. June 1981.
Ph.D. dissertation: On the Enforcement of a Dynamic Cartel
Thesis Committee: Richard E. Quandt (Chairman), Edward J. Green, Joseph E. Stiglitz.



U.W.O. Gold Medal for Economics and Mathematics, 1976.
Postdoctoral Fellowship at Bell Laboratories, 1982-83.
Fellow of the Econometric Society, elected 1989.
Fisher-Schultz Lecture, Econometric Society European Meetings, Brussels, 1992.


Department of Economics, Northwestern University, 1988 - present.
Graduate Courses: Industrial Organization
Undergraduate Courses: Econometrics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Industrial Organization, Game Theory



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