Steven D. Levitt


Department of Economics

University of Chicago

1126 East 59th Street

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Professor, University of Chicago Department of Economics (June 1999-present)


Associate Professor, University of Chicago Department of Economics (August 1998-May 1999)


          Assistant Professor, University of Chicago Department of Economics

(July 1997-July 1998)


                   Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows

                   (July 1994-June 1997)


Management Consultant, Corporate Decisions, Inc.

                   (August 1989-July 1991)






                   Ph.D., Economics, 1994

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (1992-94)


                   HARVARD UNIVERSITY

                   B.A., Summa Cum Laude, Economics, 1989

Phi Beta Kappa (1989)

          Young prize for best undergraduate thesis in economics



Editor, Journal of Political Economy (August 1999-present)

Associate Editor, Quarterly Journal of Economics (1998-1999)





Research Fellow, American Bar Foundation (July 1997-present)

National Science Foundation Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Enginneers (February 2000)

Faculty Appreciation Award from the graduate students in the University of Chicago Department of Economics (April 2000)

Duncan Black Prize (given annually to the paper published in Public Choice judged to be most outstanding), for a paper written jointly with James Poterba (April 2000)

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (May 1999)

National Science Foundation CAREER Award (April 1999)

National Fellow, Harvard University Program in Inequality and Social Policy (September 1998-present)

Quantrell Award (recognizing outstanding undergraduate teaching at the University of Chicago, May 1998)

Review of Economic Studies European Tour, Presenter (May 1997)

                   John M. Olin Research Fellow in Law and Economics, Harvard Law School (July 1995-June 1997)

                   Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research (October 1994-Present)





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                   PUBLICATIONS IN REFEREED JOURNALS (continued)


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