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Ph.D., Economics, Univ. of Virginia, May, 1985. Dissertation: "Cigarette Smoking: Habits, Health Concerns, and Heterogeneous Unobservables in a Microeconometric Analysis of Consumer Demand."


B.A., Economics (magna cum laude), Georgetown Univ., June 1979.




Earhart Foundation Fellowship, Univ. of Virginia, 1980-1983.


Phi Beta Kappa, Georgetown Univ., 1979.




Health Economics; Cigarette Smoking and Smoking Cessation; Alcohol Use and Problem Drinking; Pediatric Care; Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Methodologies and Applications; Applied Econometrics.




1991-Pres. National Bureau of Economic Research, Health Economics, Health Care, and Children's Programs: Research Associate (Faculty Research Fellow 1991-1993).


1997-Pres. Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, Univ. of Wisconsin: Faculty Associate.

1995-1996. Univ. of Connecticut Health Center: NIAAA Postdoctoral Fellow.


1988‑1994. Resources for the Future, Washington, DC: University Fellow.


1986‑1988.  Yale Univ., New Haven, CT: NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow, Institution for Social and Policy Studies.




1997-pres. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison: Professor of Preventive Medicine and Economics (1999-pres.; Assoc. Prof., 1997-1999).


1988‑1996. Trinity College: Associate Professor of Economics (Assistant Professor of Economics 1988-1992).


1995-1996. Univ. of Connecticut School of Medicine: Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (Alcohol Research Center).


1986‑1988. Yale Univ.: Lecturer in Economics (School of Organization and Management; Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health; Dept. of Economics).


1982‑1986. Resources for the Future, Washington: Fellow (Research Assistant 1982‑1985).


1980‑1982. Univ. of Virginia: Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, Dept. of Economics.


Summer 1981. State of New Jersey, Pinelands Commission: Economist.


1978‑1980. Data Resources, Inc.: Economist.




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Government Publications


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Government Reports


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Econometric Analyses of the Relationships between Respiratory Illness and Air Pollution. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1987) (P. Portney and J. Mullahy).


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"Alcohol Demand and Labor Market Outcomes - Part II." NIH/NIAAA R01 (IRPG) Grant, NBER (P.I.) (1996-1998).


"Alcohol Demand and Labor Market Outcomes - Part I." NIAAA R01 (IRPG), Univ. of Minnesota (Senior Investigator; W. Manning, P.I.) (1995-1997).


"Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care: Innovations in Systems Change." From RWJF to the UW-Madison/CTRI (Investigator; M. Fiore, P.I.).


"Economic Aspects of Childhood Immunizations." Grant 93-5713 from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to NBER June 1993-December 1994 (P.I.).


"The Economics of Alcoholism and Alcohol Consumption." Grant R01AA08394 from NIAAA to Yale University, 1990-1992 (Senior Investigator; J. Sindelar, P.I.).


Proposals in Preparatation or in Process


"Statistical Issues in Cost Estimation and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis." (UW-Madison site P.I.).




Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (1997-Pres.): Seminar in Health Economics (Ph.D.); Determinants of Population Health (grad.; team taught); Health Economics (grad./undergrad.); Explorations and Readings in Advanced Methods in Population Health (grad.).


Trinity College (1988-1996): Microeconomic Theory (undergrad.); Health Economics (undergrad.); Principles of Economics (undergrad.); Public Finance (grad., undergrad.).


Yale University (1986-1988): Health Economics (grad.); Econometrics (undergrad.).




Peer Review Groups, Study Groups, etc.


EPA Socioeconomics Review Panel (1991-1993)

NIDA Special Review Committee (1993)

NIAAA Epidemiology/Prevention Review Panel, Ad Hoc Member (1991-1992)

Outside reviewer for: NIAAA, AHCPR.




Alcohol Health & Research World (Editorial Board), 1999-2001.

Medical Decision Making (Editorial Board), 1999-2001.




Addiction .. American J. Public Health .. American Political Science Review .. Archives of General Psychiatry .. Eastern Economic J. .. Economic Inquiry .. Empirical Economics .. European J. Operations Research .. The Future of Children .. Health Economics .. Industrial and Labor Relations Review .. J. Applied Econometrics .. J. Clinical Epidemiology .. J. Econometrics .. J. Environmental Economics and Management .. J. Health Economics .. J. Human Resources .. J. Policy Analysis and Management .. J. Productivity Analysis .. J. Research on Adolescence .. Medical Care .. Medical Decision Making .. National Science Foundation .. National Tax Journal .. Princeton Univ. Press .. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance .. Rand J. Economics .. Review of Economic Studies .. Review of Economics and Statistics .. Sage Publications .. Scandinavian J. Economics .. U.S.P.H.S. Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine ..  Univ. of Michigan Press





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