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Born in Barcelona, November 23rd 1953.


PhD in Economics, Northwestern University, August, 1984.
Thesis Title: "General Equilibrium and Growth under Uncertainty."
Supervisor: Truman F. Bewley.

MPhil in Economics, Northwestern University, September, 1981.

Licienciado en Ciencias Econ--micas, Universitat Aut˜noma de Barcelona, June, 1977.





Economic Theory.
Macroeconomics. Political Economy and Economic Policy.
Monetary and International Financial Economics.
Theory of Contracts and Learning Theory.



    Macroeconomic Theory; Political Economy; Microeconomic Theory; Financial Economics; Advanced Monetary Theory; Game Theory; Contract Theory; Learning Theory; Growth Theory; Mathematical Economics.
    Introduction to Economics; International Finance; Game Theory; Microeconomic Theory; Monetary Theory; Public Finance; Statistics; Econometrics.




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    Econometrica; Journal of Economic Theory; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; Review of Economic Studies; American Economic Review; European Economic Review; International Journal of Finance & Economics; Richerche Economiche (Editorial Board); Journal of Mathematical Economics; National Science Foundation; Oxford University Press; Investigaciones Económicas; Revista Española de Economia