Howard Kunreuther

Department of Operations and Information Management

The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA  19104-6366


Fax:      215-573-2130                                                                       

E-Mail:   kunreuther@wharton.UPENN.EDU                                       Work:  215/898-4589




9/55 - 6/59                   Bates College, A.B. (Major:  Economics)

                                    Magna Cum Laude


9/59 - 6/63                   September 1959 - June 1963

                                    M. I. T., Ph.D. in Economics (1965)




Current             Cecelia Yen Koo Professor of Decision Sciences and Public Policy

                                    Co-Director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center


Current             National Bureau of Economic Research (Research Associate)

            Senior Fellow, Wharton Financial Institutions Center, University of Pennsylvania


7/99 - present               Acting Chairman, Operations and Information Management Department


9/88 - 8/89                   Program Manager, Decision Risk and Management Science Program, National Science Foundation


7/80 - 6/82                   Task Leader of Risk Group, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


7/77 - 6/80                   Chairman of Decision Sciences Department


7/72 - 6/75                   Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, University of Pennsylvania


8/70 - 6/71                   Research Advisor at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics under Ford Foundation-Yale University Pakistan Project


10/66 - 6/72                 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago


10/64 - 9/66                 Economist of the Institute for Defense Analyses (Economics and Political Studies Division), Arlington, Virginia


1963 - 1964                 Fulbright Scholar at Econometric Institute, Netherlands School of Economics



1999 –present              Delaware Valley Child Care Council (Board Member)


1999- present               Public Entity Risk Institute  (Board Member)


1999-present                Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council  (Board Member)


1994-2000                   National Academy of Science's Board on Natural Disasters.


1994-1996                   Advisory Panel for the Office of Technology Assessment on Federal  Efforts to  Reduce Earthquake Damage.


1996-1998                   Participant in National Science Foundation Mentoring Program on Natural Hazards


1993-1998                   Member of Building Seismic Safety Committee, National Research Council.


1991                            IIASA Review Panel, National Science Foundation, November 1991


1990 - 1991                 Policy Steering Committee for the CSIS Catastrophic Earthquake Project


1990                            "Issues Related to Earthquake Insurance and Earthquake Hazard Mitigation," testimony to US House of Representatives (Subcommittee on Policy Research and Insurance of Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs), September 12.


1990                            "Issues Relating to Insurer Liability for Cleaning-Up Hazardous Waste Sites," testimony to US House of Representatives (Subcommittee on Policy Research and Insurance of  Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs), September 27.


1989 - 1990                 Consultant to WGBH/NOVA Television Special, "Living Against the Odds."


1989                            Member of National Academy Advisory Group on Earthquake Economic Issues


1989 - 1991                 Member of National Academy Water Sciences and Technology Board


1988 - 1989                 Director, Decision Risk and Management Science Program, National Science Foundation


1986 - 1988                 Panel Member, Decision Risk and Management Science Program, National Science Foundation


1983 - 1984                 Member of National Association of Insurance Commissioner Task Force on Nuclear Risks


1979                            National Science Foundation Flood Hazard Mitigation Study


1979                            National Bureau of Standards Building Research and Technology Review Panel,


1979 - 1982.                Testified before US Subcommittee on Science and Technology, February 1980.


1976 - 1978                 Panel Member of National Academy of Sciences -- National Research Council Panel on "Socioeconomic Effects of Earthquake Prediction."


1972 - 1976                 Consultant to Federal Disaster Assistance Administration.


1975                            Consultant to UNESCO panel on "Man and the Biosphere."


1974 - 1975                 Consultant to National Academy of Sciences -- National Research Council Panel on Public Policy on Earthquake Prediction."


1972 - 1973                 Consultant to the Office of Emergency Preparedness, Office of Management and Budget, Disaster Study Task Force for the President.




1/97-Present                “Managing Catastrophic  Risks”   (joint with  Financial Institutions Center)


2/98-1/00                     National Science Foundation, “Role of Insurance and Other Policy Instruments in Managing Catastrophic Risks,”


6/97-5/98                     University of Washington/National Science Foundation, “Collaborative Study of Analogs to Earthquake Mitigation  


3/96-6/96                     National Science Foundation “Cost-Benefit Analysis Workshop” Co-Principal Investigator.


3/96-9/96                     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Chemical Accident Investigation and the OECD’s Risk Assessment Terminology Project”, a joint project undertaken by the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center.


10/94 – 3/98               National Science Foundation grant on "The Role of Insurance and Regulations in Dealing with Natural Hazards,"Principal Investigator


10/93 – present            EPA cooperative agreement on "Implementing the Clean Air Act," with other faculty associated with the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center.


10/87-present               "Socioeconomic Impacts of Siting High Level Radioactive Waste Repository," State of Nevada.


4/94-8/94                     "Past Siting Experiences with Waste Storage Facilities,"  Office of the Nuclear Waste Negotiator.


1/91 - 1/94                   William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant on "Linking Descriptive Analysis with Policy Analysis for Dealing with Environmental Problems," principal investigator.


9/88 - 9/91                   National Science Foundation Grant on "The Role of Insurance, Compensation, Regulation, and Protective Behavior in Decision making About Risk and Misfortune," co-principal investigator.


1/87 - 1/89                   National Science Foundation Grant on "Low Bid Auctions with Benefit-Sharing for Noxious Facility Siting, co-principal investigator.


1/84 - 1/85                   National Science Foundation Grant on "The Role of Compensation and Negotiation in Siting Hazardous Waste Facilities," co-principal investigator.


11/82 - 12/83               National Science Foundation Grant on "Misinformation and Decision Processes in Insurance Markets," co-principal investigator.


9/76 - 9/77                   National Science Foundation Grant on "Mitigation and Recovery from Natural Hazards," co-principal investigator.


7/73 - 7/76                   National Science Foundation Grant on "Reducing Losses from Selected Natural Hazards, Role of Public and Private Sectors," co-principal investigator.


1972                            Ford Foundation Summer Study Award to study "Decision-Making by Firms in Developing Countries."


1963 - 1964                 Fulbright Scholar, Econometric Institute, Netherlands




Society for Risk Analysis: Elected Fellow 1992; Outstanding Service Award, 1990;Treasurer, 1983-85

Phi Beta Kappa

American Economic Association

The Institute of Management Sciences --Associate Editor, 1974 - 1980;Council Member, 1989-1991

Risk Analysis, Associate Editor, 1984 -Present

Risk Abstracts, Board of Editors, 1984-Present

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Associate Editor, 1987 -Present

Journal of Regulatory Economics, Associate Editor, 1988 -1998

Mass Emergencies, Associate Editor, 1977 - 1981




1980                Western Electric Fund Award, with Paul Schoemaker and Paul Kleindorfer, for the program "Decision Sciences Applied to University Problems."  The award is given annually for outstanding achievements in the area of educational innovation in undergraduate education for business administration.


1983                Wharton Graduate Teaching Excellence Award.




Books and Monographs

Paying the Price: The Status and Role of Insurance Against Natural Disasters in the United States, with Roth, Richard, Sr.  ed.  (1998), Washington, D.C: Joseph Henry Press.


Managing Environmental Risk Through Insurance, with Paul K. Freeman Washington, DC:  American Enterprise Institute and Boston Kluwer Academic Publishers , 1997.


“Challenges in Risk Assessment and Management,” edited with Paul Slovic, Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science, May 1996.


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Edited special issue of Journal of Risk and Uncertainty with Colin Camerer on "Making Decisions about the Liability in Insurance," December 1993.


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The Economics of Natural Disasters:  Implications for Federal Policy, with D. Dacy.  New York:  The Free Press, MacMillan, 1969.  This book won the 1971 Elizur Wright Award for the publication that made "the most significant contribution to the literature of insurance."


Published Papers


“The Affection Effect in Insurance Decisions,” with Christopher K. Hsee Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (in press)


“Determinants of Priority for Risk Reduction:  The Role of Worry,” (with  Jonathan Baron and John

Hershey)   Risk Analysis   (forthcoming)


“Coping with Stigma:  Challenges and Opportunities,” (with Paul Slovic)   Risk  (Summer 1999). This paper is reprinted in Risk, Media, and Stigma   (London: Earthscan)  ( in press)


“Incentives for Mitigation Investment and More Effective Risk Management: The  Need for Public-Private Partnerships”  Journal of Hazardous Material   (in press)


“Risk Management in an   Era Of Global Environmental Change” in Encyclopedia for Earth and Environmental Science   New York: Wiley  (in press)


“Public Policy”  (with Patricia Grossi)   Chapter  in  Financial Decisions and Catastrophe Risk Berkeley, CA: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute


“The Use of Insurance and Other Policy Instruments in Managing Catastrophic Risk”  (with Patricia Grossi, Weimin Dong, Paul Kleindorfer, Scott Lawson)   in  Proceedings of 12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering  Auckland, New Zealand  2000.


“The Financial Management of  Catastrophic Flood Risks in Emerging Economy Countries,”  with

Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer  Risk Analysis   (forthcoming)


“Third Party Inspections as an Alternative to Command and Control Regulation,” with Patrick McNulty and Yong Kang to be published in  (Eric Orts ed) Environmental Contracts and Regulatory Innovation: Comparative Approaches in Europe and the United States    (forthcoming)


 “Customizing Indemnity Contracts and Indexed Cat Bonds  (with David Croson)   Journal of Risk Finance   (forthcoming)


"Insurance as a Cornerstone for Public-Private Sector Partnerships", Natural

Hazards Review  (forthcoming)


“The Need for Public-Private Partnerships in Reducing Losses from Natural Disasters” Building Standards   March-April 2000



“Linking Insurance and Mitigation to Manage Natural Disaster Risk,”

Handbook of Insurance, Georges Dionne (ed), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2000.


 “A Cat Bond Premium Puzzle?” (with Vivek Bantwal)   Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets 2000, Vol. 1, No. 1


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and Isadore Rosenthal, Risk Analysis    April, 1998.


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Coast, Australia, August 24-26, 1997.


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