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Department of Economics
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Graduate Studies:

Ph.D, Harvard University, 1972.
Thesis: "Four Essays on Fiscal Federalism." Completed June 1971.
(Abstracted in Journal of Finance, September 1973).
Thesis Director: Professor Martin Feldstein.

Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1967.

Undergraduate Studies:

A.B., Economics, Harvard College, 1964.




Public Finance (PhD), Political Economy (PhD), State-Local Finance (MBA), Micro-theory (MBA), Government Institutions (JD).


Public Finance, Health Care Policy, Political Economy.


    Executive Planning Committee of Finance Department; Executive Committee of Graduate Group in Economics; University Faculty Senate Advisory Committee (Secretary, 1978-1980); University Committee on Committees (1981-1983, chairman); Wharton Curriculum Committee (1981-1983, chairman); Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (1982-1984); Wharton Personnel Committee (1982-1984); University Faculty Committee on Salary and Benefits (1983-1985); Wharton Research Policy Committee (1984-1986); Wharton Curriculum (1986-1987); University Faculty Senate, Executive Committee (1986-1989); Undergraduate Advisor, Finance, 1989-92; Wharton Curriculum Committee (1990-1992, Chair, 1991-92); Faculty Representative to the University Trustees' Committee on Budget and Finance (1991-93); Wharton Research Policy Committee (1994 - 1996, Chair); Wharton MBA Curriculum Committee (1996-97, Chair); Provost Committee on Democratic Institutions (1997-).





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