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Chicago, Illinois 60637
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Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Economics, 1975.
M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Operations Research, 1974.
A.B., Harvard University (Summa cum laude): Applied Math and Economics, 1972.


University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business (1984 - present): Professor of Business Economics.
University of Chicago, Law School (1980 - 1984): Professor of Economics.
University of Chicago, Department of Economics: Assistant Professor (1976 - 1979); Associate Professor (1979 - 1980).
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, Department of Economics (1975 - 1976): Instructor in Economics.


Harvard University, Public Policy Summer Course in Economics (1977): Professor.
Bell Telephone Laboratories (Summers 1976, 1977).
Joint Center For Urban Studies of M.I.T. and Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1974 - 1975).


Theoretical and Applied Microeconomics
Industrial Organization
Econometrics, Urban Economics




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  1. Theoretical analysis of firm size, information, price rigidity, and product variety.

  2. Empirical analysis of business cycle effects on firm size distributions.

  3. Analysis of growth of futures markets and the effect of this growth on the industrial organization of related industries.