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Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire, USA , 03755.
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Born March 2, 1952
British; Permanent resident in the US (Green card holder)
Married with two daughters (aged 11 years and 10 years) and one son (aged 6 years).


1973 B.A. Soc. Sci. (Economics), University of Leicester
1975 Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Cert. Ed. Pass with distinction in teaching; University of Birmingham
1981 M.Sc. (Econ), University of Wales
1985 Ph.D., University of London
1996 M.A. (Honorary), Dartmouth College


Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, UK -- Research Officer, September 1984-July 1986
Department of Economics, University of Surrey, UK -- Lecturer, August 1986-August 1989



Member of Editorial Board of Small Business Economics
Member of Editorial Board of Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Member of Editorial Board of Scottish Journal of Political Economy


Princeton University's Richard A. Lester Prize for 'the most outstanding book in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics published in 1994'.


Statistics, Labor Economics, Advanced Labor Economics, Microeconomics and Econometrics.


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Governments and Government Departments

    UK Departments of Employment (1983-1989) and the Environment (1995-1996); consultant.
    US Department of Labor, 1996.
    Swedish Ministry of Employment, 1995
    British Houses of Parliaments - expert witness 1983 and 1988
    Congressional Budget Office Panel of Economic Advisors; expert witness, 1994.
    Swedish Parliament: gave expert evidence. Also acted as a member of international commission appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden to examine the Swedish labor market.

International Bodies

    Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, 1994-.
    Consultant on labor market issues.
    International Labor Organisation, 1997-


    New York Federal Reserve Bank, 1996. Consultant to help improve the Bank's research methods.

Consulting Firms

    National Economic Research Associates, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1994-
    National Economic Research Associates, London, UK, 1994-
    London Economics, London, UK, 1994-.
    New Bridge Street Consultants, 1986-7.

    For all of these firms I help write reports and provide general assistance as needed on labor market issues, with special emphasis on pay determination. I also do work for them on personal injury and discrimination cases.

Law Firms

    Various New Hampshire (e.g Hall and Hess; Baker and Hayes; Dean, Rice & Howard) and Vermont (e.g. Shillen & Gray) law firms preparing evaluations of losses of earnings and homework activities etc. in personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases for both defence and plaintiffs.

Private sector firms

    London Electricity (UK), 1993. Provided a report on appropriate wage structure to use in evidence to the government Regulator.
    Tesco (UK). Ongoing work for the biggest retail chain in the UK to help them in determining an appropriate pay strategy.

Trade unions

    General, Municipal and Boilermakers Union, UK -- consultant,, 1987.
    Union of Shop, Allied and Distributive Trades (USDAW), UK -- consultant, 1988.