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How do I complete and submit a Working Paper order form?

Follow the instructions in How to purchase and download individual papers to add all the papers you are interested in to your order basket. Each time you add a paper, you will be brought to the order basket and see a table called "Contents of your basket." A paper can be removed at any time by clicking the "remove" link, and papers can be added in the usual method. Once all the papers you want to purchase are listed, either click on the "Order for Physical Delivery" or the "Order for Electronic Delivery" button. This will bring up the order form.
For the order form, you will need to fill out your
  • name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • shipping address (only needed for Physical Delivery orders)
  • billing address (if different from shipping address)
  • credit card information (you can also pay by check)

If you ordered the paper(s) for physical delivery, after you fill out the form and click 'submit' you will see a message thanking you for your order and telling you when the paper will be mailed to you.

If you ordered the paper(s) for electronic delivery, after you fill out the form and click 'submit', you will see: "You have purchased the following papers for [electronic/physical] delivery:" followed by a table of all the papers you purchased. For each paper, you have the option of emailing the entire paper at once, emailing it in 128 K pieces *, or downloading directly. If you left click on the "download" link and have Adobe Reader installed, the paper will be opened in your browser for viewing. With Adobe Reader 4.0 or later, you can then click on the disk icon to save the paper to disk. With earlier versions of Adobe Reader, you should right click on the 'download' link and choose 'Save Target As' to save to disk. Your final option is to choose the 'Email all papers' link at the bottom of the table, which will email all the papers your ordered at once.

* Emailing in pieces is useful for users who have a limit on the size of incoming email, as well as users with slow or unreliable Internet connections. With this option, if your connection is lost during the download, instead of having to download the entire paper again, you need only download unfinished pieces.


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