This directory contains PDF images made from Tiff files scanned from fiche supplied by the National Archives. The fiche were images of Xerographic prints supplied to the Archives, (mostly) from line printer output by the investigators. Some of the pages are unreadable. It is unlikely that anyone at the NBER can remedy unreadable pages, although if any pages are missing, please contact us.

Here is the letter of transmittal from the organization that did the Fiche to TIFF conversion.

National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.
Fiche Scan
Collaborative Perinatal Project
Project ID 02.059

This CD contains images scanned from the National Bureau of Economic
Research, Inc. Collaborative Perinatal Project microfilm collection.  All
images were scanned at 300 DPI and are 1-bit saved with Group IV
Compression. The tifs from each fiche were then made into one multi-page

Directory Structure

\PRNCPP01			CD Directory
    NCPP01.tif			multi-page tif

README.txt			Text file 

July 8, 2002

Preservation Resources
Nine S. Commerce Way
Bethlehem, PA 18017
610.758.9700 fax

Start with Vol 1; The index and bibliography are last.