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September 2013Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?
with David N. Figlio, Morton O. Schapiro, Kevin B. Soter: w19406
February 2013The Effects of Poor Neonatal Health on Children's Cognitive Development
with David N. Figlio, Jonathan Guryan, Krzysztof Karbownik, Jeffrey Roth: w18846
April 2011Information Shocks and Social Networks
with David N. Figlio, Sarah Hamersma, Jeffrey Roth: w16930
June 2010Suburbanization, Demographic Change and the Consequences for School Finance
with David N. Figlio, Deborah Fletcher: w16137
Is it Live or is it Internet? Experimental Estimates of the Effects of Online Instruction on Student Learning
with David N. Figlio, Mark Rush, Lu Yin: w16089
School accountability and teacher mobility
with Li Feng, David N. Figlio, Tim Sass: w16070
Competitive Effects of Means-Tested School Vouchers
with David N. Figlio, Cassandra M.D. Hart: w16056
December 2007Feeling the Florida Heat? How Low-Performing Schools Respond to Voucher and Accountability Pressure
with Cecilia Elena Rouse, Jane Hannaway, Dan Goldhaber, David Figlio: w13681
October 2006Individual Teacher Incentives And Student Performance
with David N. Figlio, Lawrence Kenny: w12627
Cramming: The Effects of School Accountability on College-Bound Students
with Colleen Donovan, David N. Figlio, Mark Rush: w12628
September 2005Do Accountability and Voucher Threats Improve Low-Performing Schools?
with David N. Figlio, Cecilia Rouse: w11597
April 2005Boys Named Sue: Disruptive Children and their Peers
March 2005Testing, Crime and Punishment
Names, Expectations and the Black-White Test Score Gap
November 2002Food for Thought: The Effects of School Accountability Plans on School Nutrition
with David N. Figlio, Joshua Winicki: w9319
Accountability , Ability and Disability: Gaming the System
with David N. Figlio, Lawrence S. Getzler: w9307
December 2000School Choice and the Distributional Effects of Ability Tracking: Does Separation Increase Equality?
with David N. Figlio, Marianne E. Page: w8055
November 2000Sex, Drugs, and Catholic Schools: Private Schooling and Non-Market Adolescent Behaviors
with David Figlio, Jens Ludwig: w7990
What's in a Grade? School Report Cards and House Prices
with David N. Figlio, Maurice E. Lucas: w8019
October 2000Competition Between Private and Public Schools: Testing Stratification and Pricing Predictions
with Dennis Epple, David Figlio, Richard Romano: w7956
Do High Grading Standards Affect Student Performance?
with David N. Figlio, Maurice E. Lucas: w7985
July 1999The Effects of Direct Foreign Investment on Local Communities
with David N. Figlio, Bruce A. Blonigen: w7274

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